Imagine an extraordinary gathering of women empowering one another to bring hope, healing, and transformative change into our own lives and to the world around us, inspiring each other to awaken to our full potential and to deepen our partnerships with men to be effective co-creators of the future.

We are living in a profound moment in human history. More and more women are awakening to what they are called to and using their gifts, talents and capacities to be catalysts to work together to create a more just and conscious world.  Even now, though, women continue to be the most untapped resource on the planet.

The Sophia Institute Presents WOMEN RISING! to bring together women from around the country for exploration, discovery, and transformation with women leaders who model authenticity and are living lives of powerful purpose.   Inspirational women leaders will help connect our minds and hearts to our own inner wisdom as well as offer new pathways and practices to co-create a better world for ourselves.

Join us here, in historic Charleston, for a gathering of women, working with these seasoned women leaders, as we begin to transform our lives, our relationships, our workplaces, and our communities to live and lead with wisdom and power.  WOMEN RISING! a 3-day gathering February 7 – 9, 2019  will featuring keynote speaker Pat Mitchell, Co-Curator of TEDWomen and former CEO of PBS.  Other presenters include Crystal Andrus Morissette, Michele Ozumba, Marianne Williamson, vocal artist Virginia Schenck and an array of amazing thought leaders and opportunities for networking as well as exploring Charleston with options for exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences.

About the Rise of the Feminine:

The rise of feminine consciousness is an awakening of power that is aligned with feminine energy or yin energy. Feminine energy is intuitive, nurturing, relational, creative, artistic, innovative, compassionate, and heart-centered. Masculine or yang energy, on the other hand, is centered in logic and reason and is expressed in an outward fashion. We all carry both masculine and feminine energy, and we need both to be in balance in our lives and in our world and for our wholeness.  

For millennia, most of planet Earth has been led by a patriarchal approach.  This energy has its place, but when there is no balance, it leads to domination and to war, destruction, a lack of compassion, inequality, segregation, egomania, and a rejection of the intuitive power that we all have within.

We are seeking a pivotal shift through the Rise of the Feminine, and balance and equity shared between the masculine and feminine which could reach a tipping point that, if so, will bring about transformative change for a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.


“There is a new spiritual consciousness breaking into the world. We could call it a Feminine consciousness.  It has the potential to do something that has never been done before: To open the immense common heart of the world. The particular genius of the Feminine is in its valuing of the wisdom of the heart, of interdependence, empathy, relational thinking, compassionate community, intuitive intelligence, peace, creativity, and the sacredness of the earth.”  

-Sue Monk Kidd

“I do think it’s [Rise of the Feminine ] the next level of evolution.  And I think that there is a divine plan—that however we’ve tried to muss it up, there’s a destiny that shapes our ends. There will be what I call conscious femininity, and it includes the unity of life.  People are beginning to understand their oneness with all things. We will be working at a planetary level, so the relatedness has to be on a global scale. We are realizing the power of love to heal. That’s an opening of the feminine at a level that we haven’t known, and we have no idea where it will go.   We’re just at the beginning of a totally new epoch. And control over other people and over our bodies will be archaic concepts.”

-Marion Woodman

“We are living in a time of profound transformation, a time of breakdown and potentially breakthrough, when a new consciousness is trying to break into the world.  I think of it as a spiritual consciousness,  one that carries the Feminine and joins it with the Masculine and out of that union, a consciousness is forming that is more just and compassionate, one that is transformed from power over to power with, from domination, to collaboration and partnership for a more just and egalitarian world.  It honors the web of life, the unity within our diversity, the sacredness in each of our lives and the earth.  It is a consciousness that awakens the wisdom of the heart and allows grace to enter our lives, allows us to find a new way of living and being on the earth that honors our unity and our distinction and to tap into what is true.”

-Carolyn Rivers


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Hourly Schedule

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Opening Reception
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Friday Program
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday Program


Feb 07 2019 - Feb 09 2019


Full 3-Day Registration $350; Full 3-Day Registration (Early Bird by 1/7/18) $300; Sophia Millennial Full 3-Day Registration (Must be 35 years old or younger by 2/7/19) $250; Conference Scholarship $250; 2-Day Gathering Only $250; Opening Night Reception Only (Thursday Night) $90

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