“Pixie” Paula Dezzutti celebrates and supports the modern woman, encouraging her towards personal growth and professional success. She is an entrepreneur to the core, serving as the CEO of two organizations: Skirt Magazine, Charleston, SC’s first women’s magazine, where she also serves as Editor- In-Chief, and Local Choice Spirits, a family-run, award-winning brand development and distribution platform. As a mother of 9 she balanced a bustling homelife with boundless professional growth– and she wants you to realize that you can do the same! Paula aims to amplify the message that women can nurture and provide, and she is here to empower them in their pursuits. It’s time for ladies to own their space and celebrate their success!

Paula spent two decades as an expert in the financial and tax planning field before becoming a founding investor, brand manager, and director on the board of a cutting-edge technology company. Having built worldwide connections in the industry, her experience has led to features in iconic publications such as USA Today, Bloomberg Finance, The Huffington Post, Wine and Country Magazine, and Entrepreneur Mind World. In 2019, she acquired Skirt Magazine, which has allowed her to further expand her voice in the charge for equality and empowerment. She has spoken at events including The Los Angeles Brand Innovation Summit and The Confidence Factor for Women, and her vision continually inspires change in the world.