“We know these last few years have been, and continue to be, tumultuous. The truth is we are all witnessing an evolutionary shift in humanity that is calling us to new levels of love and ways of being as we come into the full wisdom of our heart.

As a cherished member of the Sophia Community, you can help light the way to an awakened world, and a new humanity and consciousness. One that cares for and protects our beloved planet and all people.

With your donation today, together we will light the way.”

Thank you for giving,
Carolyn Rivers,
Founder, The Sophia Institute

Invest in a World that Works

Wouldn’t you say it’s time, even past time to invest in an awakened world that works for everyone? No more sitting by the sidelines! The time is NOW. The world as we know it is “breaking down for the breakthrough” so we can experience the healing of humanity, our earth and the institutions that serve us. So, let’s join forces!

Become a Sophia Superhero and Activist for an Awakened World!

Become an Activist for an Awakened World or a Sophia Superhero when you make a donation in support of a more just, sustainable, and conscious world.

Now more than ever, we need your help in igniting the creative and transformative energies for our future becoming. As The Sophia Institute enters its third decade of service to Charleston and the greater world, we invite you to help us expand our 20-year heritage of “heartwork” to create a more equitable, conscious and awakened world by considering a generous annual or monthly donation to our institute.

You can energize your intention for a better, more unified and harmonious world with a tax-deductible awakened world donation at any level.

Your gift fuels the following bold initiatives and programs that are laying the foundation for our future becoming! Your support:

● Helps secure extraordinary thought leaders and spiritual teachers on our faculty as well as funds invitations for new faculty and provides scholarships for students

● Energizes our third decade of providing phenomenal in-person and virtual programs that help you achieve profound transformation and unlimited spiritual growth

● Promotes social justice, truth, racial healing, transformation and racial healing circles in Charleston in collaboration with 40 non-profit, government and civic organizations

Together, we are unstoppable!