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sjrec, Social Justice Racial Equity Collaboratice, The Sophia Institute Calendar of Events
sjrec, Social Justice Racial Equity Collaboratice, The Sophia Institute Calendar of Events
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Cultivating an emergent Feminist consciousness that honors
the sacredness at the center of life.
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Cultivating the wisdom of the heart
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Located in of America’s most beautiful cities, Charleston, TSI engages
renowned thinkers and inspiring teachers of diverse wisdom traditions.
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Resacralizing our relationship with nature,
fostering sustainability of the earth.
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Who We Are

The Sophia Institute is a center for learning offering innovative programs focused on personal and societal transformation.


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster the rise of the Feminine, in partnership with the Masculine, cultivating wisdom, mindfulness, and well-being, for a more just, regenerative, spiritually fulfilling, and flourishing world for all people. We pursue our Mission by offering forums, retreats, lectures, classes, series, and special events featuring nationally and internationally renowned thought leaders and teachers. Our programs are offered both in-person and virtually, often in a hybrid format.


Our Vision

The Sophia Institute envisions a world that could be called a Wisdom Society, a 21st Century that could be called The Sophia Century: a conscious, egalitarian world, a compassionate and just global community where wisdom and love are at the center of life.


Our Purpose

The purpose of The Sophia Institute is to be a source and a beacon in today’s world for profound transformation and unlimited spiritual growth. Using a new model of spiritual partnership and integration between feminine and masculine values, the Institute fosters a spirit of co-creative wisdom that calls forth the unique gifts of each individual.


Our Core Work

The Sophia Institute’s core work for personal transformation and our initiative for social transformation focuses on fostering a more equalitarian world where power with, rather than power over, becomes a way of living and being on the earth that honors our interdependence and love at the center of life. Sophia works out of a principle of wholeness where the sacredness of the feminine is in unity with the masculine. We ground our principles in action in the world; action we hold as love in action. We are applying these Sophia principles to Social Justice Racial Equity Collaborative work, in our community, and to work for the Environment.

The Sophia Institute’s three main focus areas are the innovative programs with nationally renowned leaders for our Core Work, together with our initiatives in Social Justice Racial Equity Collaborative and and our work for the environment.
“Now is the time in world history where we really need vision that comes out of wisdom and deep heartfulness. Places like the Sophia Institute are so important because that’s where vision and wisdom get nurtured.”
– Joan Borysenko

The most meaningful gift we can give our children, loved ones, friends and neighbors is the commitment to work together to help build a better world.

– Kathy Calvin, CEO of the UN Foundation

“The Sophia Institute is…a sacred grove, a source and beacon in today’s world for transformation and spiritual growth. It’s a gathering place for those on the journey, a place committed to awakening the conscious heart in all of us. In my time here, I’ve seen this happen. The Sophia Institute works as a greenhouse for the soul.” 

– Mark Nepo

“We are all witnessing an evolutionary shift that is calling us to to new levels of love and ways of being as we come into the full wisdom of our heart.

As a cherished member of the Sophia Community, you can help light the way to an awakened world- and a new humanity and consciousness. One that cares for and protects our beloved planet and all people.

Together we can light the way.”

– Carolyn Rivers, Founder and Director