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Terms and Conditions



I understand that I am registering for instruction in an activity which may involve physical, emotional, and/or psychological activity and that in case of such an undertaking there is always a risk involved. I understand that in a group setting the instructor cannot always monitor my physical, emotional, and psychological limits, and that I am therefore responsible for assessing the risk any activity poses to me, and choosing a safe course of action for myself.

I agree to assume the risk and responsibility for any injuries or damages suffered by me arising out of my participation in this workshop.

Use of Likeness and Photography

I understand that while I am attending a conference with The Sophia Institute, or participating in any other event with The Sophia Institute, The Sophia Institute may be taking photographs of participants. Some of these photographs will be used by The Sophia Institute for promotional, educational, or informational purposes in its catalogs, brochures, website and newsletters. By attending a conference, workshop or retreat with The Sophia Institute or participating in any other event, I agree that The Sophia Institute may take photographs that include my image and that such photographs may be used by The Sophia Institute for promotional, educational, and informational purposes without compensation to me of any kind.

Recording Devices

The use of recording devices by participants is strictly forbidden during workshops, conferences, keynote speeches, events, or any other programs at The Sophia Institute or at such programs sponsored or presented by The Sophia Institute.

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