At Sophia Institute we are pivoting because of the pandemic and learning to bring you programs that you know and love virtually in the comfort of your home. We are pleased to announce that this program will be a VIRTUAL EVENT.

Have you ever taken a personal program at home? If not, then doing so will be something worthwhile for you and a new, potentially lifelong, practice that will be beneficial ongoing.

A recording of this event will be provided to all those who have registered for this event. The recording is exclusively for registrants only.


Given all that 2020 brought us in challenges and also transformative opportunities, The Sophia Institute is launching our 2021 year with an uplifting and meaningful focus on Wisdom, Grace and Wonder, a  trinity of gifts from the Divine available to us that will sustain and awaken our awareness to the greater good for our lives and our world.

We are undergoing a profound shift in consciousness, and we need now more than ever the Wisdom, Grace and Wonder that the Divine offers us.  We are blessed by it and guided by it, too, as we navigate the transformation we’re going through.

Caroline Myss, Miranda MacPherson, and Lama Palden will join Carolyn Rivers in exploring deepening, and integrating our capacity for Wisdom, Grace, and Wonder on February 6, 13, 20.   Join us for this three part series on three consecutive Saturdays at 1:00 EST for approximately 1 ½ hours with Carolyn and one of these phenomenal women spiritual leaders.  See more about our plans below:


Caroline MyssCaroline Myss on February 6:
As Caroline Myss writes, “I believe we are emerging into the organic era of the Divine:  the era when we will finally recognize that the laws of mysticism and nature are coded into our blood and bones… The Divine is all creation.  Look up, sideways, or within and you will never see anything outside the nature and power of the Divine.

I have learned to attune my inner world to the subtle nature of Heaven: the way it whispers and guides us, the way it waits until we are ready to respond, the way it blocks us from our own foolishness, and the way it lets us create our own mistakes or become masters of our own genius.  The message in the current transformative chaos is that it is time for us to understand the nature of the Divine—manifested within all creation, breathing through all life.”

She continues, “At the core of this transformation is our collective awakening to the power of our soul, to our mystical nature, and to a mystically organic understanding of the nature of the Divine.

When we pray, we ask the Divine to show us how to see, how to speak, how to create.  We ask God to reveal, to illuminate the right path for us….This is the true meaning of prayer. Prayer is a simple request for grace.  Prayer opens the channel of communication with the Divine. Through prayer, we reconnect to our own souls, to awe, and to divine grace.”

Join us with Caroline Myss to delve into the mystery of Prayer and Grace and our own attunement with the Divine nature.


Miranda MacPherson on February 13:
Miranda MacPherson teaches that “Grace is the key to ending the search and finding true fulfillment. It is a direct experience of Divine presence coming alive from within, connecting you to real love, clarity, peace, strength and joy.  Grace ends the struggle, transforms your suffering into wisdom, opens the gate to deeper dimensions of consciousness, and supports you to embody your highest potential in this world.  Grace is more available than you might think.”

She offers a “practical map to make your journey home clearer, kinder and more potent…to listen to the wisdom already alive within you, to let fear and control melt

In an atmosphere of unconditional love, to cultivate the virtues that make you spiritually mature, capable of meeting everything with openness and compassion.”

Miranda teaches a practice she calls, “Ego Relaxation. Ego Relaxation frees you to live an authentic life and to relish the gif of your existence and make a meaningful contribution to our world.  It opens you to a life of Grace.”

Join us with Miranda MacPherson to explore the practical map she reveals for Grace and Ego Relaxation.


Lama Palden Drolma, The Sophia Institute Teaching FacultyLama Palden Drolma on February 20: [photo of Lama Palden]
Lama Palden teaches a meditation, a spiritual practice, that “opens the heart  to uncover our innate awakened love and wisdom and allow it to thrive, so we can blossom into who we truly are and share our unique gifts and presence with the world.  It strengthens our love for ourselves, for those close to us, for those we come in contact with, and for everyone…. It provides a way to transform our pain into love and joy.”

She continues, “We have been given the capacity to love and to think, reason, intuit, and find solutions.  Love is what humanity now desperately needs.  If we can open our hearts to ourselves and to all others, we can heal our human family.  We have the capacity to solve all our problems, but it requires love.  Love moves us forward.  Love is caring.  Love leads to cooperation. “

“Healing our own wounding and suffering with love gives us the capacity to be present with and truly love others. As we heal, our innate goodness, our innate wisdom and love, comes into the forefront of our consciousness ad infuses our speech and actions.”

Join us with Lama Palden to explore “this meditation and spiritual practice which can be done on the spot in daily life as well as on the cushion.”

Join Carolyn with Caroline Myss, Miranda MacPherson, and Lama Palden on three consecutive Saturdays to explore, awaken, deepen, integrate Wisdom, Grace, and Wonder.



Feb 06 – 20 2021


$179 (until Feb 28)
$229 (after Feb 28)


Virtual Program
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Hourly Schedule

Day 1

1:00 pm EST2:30 pm EST
February 6
1:00 pm EST2:30 pm EST
February 13
1:00 pm EST2:30 pm EST
February 20