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Given all that these times have brought us in challenges and also transformative opportunities, The Sophia Institute is offering an uplifting and meaningful focus on Wisdom, Grace, and Love, a trinity of gifts from the Divine available to us that will sustain and awaken our awareness for the greater good in our lives and our world.

We are undergoing a profound shift in consciousness, and we need now more than ever the Wisdom, Grace and Love that the Divine offers us.  We are blessed by it and guided by it, too, as we navigate the transformation we are going through. Prayer is our “channel of communication with the Divine”. Our direct path to the Divine – through our souls– and we hear the guidance of the Divine through it. We listen in for the Wisdom that comes through this field of Grace, and we hold Love and wait until this knowing is clear. It’s a way our consciousness advances as our souls open, flower, grow.

We’re pleased and honored to have Caroline Myss, Andrew Harvey, and Matthew Fox as our guides for the journey as we focus for September on Wisdom, Grace, and Love.

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Caroline Myss

September 8,
6 pm – 7:30 PM

Wisdom, Grace, Love

Why do we require Wisdom, Grace and Love in our lives?  We have no idea how much we rely upon the flow of grace in our lives – but we should.  And in this evening’s talk, we will explore a mystical perspective on the power of Wisdom and Love, and the nature of grace in our lives.  We need to understand that we are grace-dependent creatures, constantly in need of the many blessings that come to us through grace, such as healing, compassion, patience when we need it most, and kindness. Grace has endless expressions in our lives, but what all grace has in common is its mystical ability to transform a situation or a thought or an attitude from a negative to a positive in an instant. That is the handiwork of grace – to get you through a difficult situation – or even a desperately threatening thought – and move you to a safer inner place that you could not get to without an infusion of sacred light. Grace is a wondrous mystical force in our lives and among the graces we should appreciate the most are wisdom and love. It’s a delight to share an evening on this subject with you, as I always feel grace is contagious. 

Andrew Harvey

September 15
6  PM – 7:30 PM

Become Your Divine Human; the Revelation of Kabir

The deepest challenge in devastating times is to stay in the stream of love, wisdom and grace that is always coming towards us from the divine. We need two things: to draw inspiration from the greatest mystics who model the divine human life and to commit ourselves to serious mystical practice to keep our whole beings open to divine truth and joy. Andrew Harvey will celebrate the astonishing radical work and revelation of one of humanity’s greatest and most universal mystical poets – Kabir. He will begin by offering a practice of the name of God that Kabir celebrated as the ultimate practice and then he will dive into the liberating splendor of five of Kabir’s greatest, most inspiring and encouraging poems. Although Kabir lived in the 15th century, his words are naked, clear, incisive and irradiated by the most exalted wisdom while always staying grounded and practical. Andrew’s deepest hope is to share with you Kabir’s vision of how we can all live in, whatever circumstances we find ourselves, a divine human life- radiating hope, love, joy, tender strength and radical encouragement to all sentient beings. 

Matthew Fox

September 22
6 PM – 7:30 PM

Carl Jung has said that “it is to the mystics that we owe what is best in humanity.”  Today we struggle with coronavirus and climate change (and with those in public places actually denying climate change or refusing to do anything about slowing it down).  And with patriarchy and its exposed reptilian brain and authoritarianism rising in our midst.  Given this confusion, it would seem that we might call on the mystics to bring forth what is best in us as a species.  “Fight the worst with the best,” says mystic and prophet Wendell Berry.

We will call on two amazing but long neglected mystics of the past, Julian of Norwich and Hildegard of Bingen, for what they teach us about Wisdom, Grace and Love.  Both insist on justice being integral to love (a substantive teaching from the Hebrew Bible) and how eros and the passion for living are central also.  Hildegard compares God’s love of creation to the love between husband and wife; and Julian declares that love is what holds the entire universe together.  Both mystics begin their view of the world—not with the human—but with the whole, with the universe, with nature and creation and invite us back to nature to rediscover the beauty and the goodness that is found there and that arouses and nurtures our love.  Neither is weighed down with the burdens of modern consciousness which starts not with creation but with the human (“I think therefore I am” and other acts of species narcissism).  Hildegard and Julian are graced  by beginning with cosmology therefore and its sister ecology (“functional cosmology” according to Thomas Berry).   The first book of Genesis also begins with cosmology and the beauty and goodness of all of creation.

As Rabbi Heschel puts it, “To be spiritual is to be amazed.”   To be amazed is the beginning of Wisdom, Grace and Love.


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Sep 08 – 22 2021


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Day 1

Sep 8, 6:00 PM 7:30 PM (EST)
Wisdom, Grace, Love
Caroline Myss
Sep 15, 6:00 PM 7:30 PM (EST)
Become Your Divine Human
Andrew Harvey
Sep 22, 6:00 PM 7:30 PM (EST)
Matthew Fox