Why We Search for Personal Power & Self Esteem

Understanding the nature of your inner power and its profound relationship to all you create is a necessity – not an option. Everything we do, think, feel, say, hum in our heads, qualifies as an act of creation that sets into motion a creative consequence. However minuscule that consequence may be, it is still comprised of our energy. And we are born knowing this Truth. We are born with a deep soul awareness that there is no such thing as a powerless choice or thought. And we are born fearing the consequences of the power that is the creative potency of our soul.

Everyone today senses the impulse to seek a path of personal empowerment. Some may call this quest the need to develop self-esteem. Others approach empowerment through the need to heal an illness, as the challenge of healing demands rigorous, life-changing choices. And still others discover an unknown reservoir of inner power because their lives have crumbled, and they must decide whether to rise from their ashes – or not.

No matter how the events of life unfold for each of us, we share a common thread that spiritually connects all of our experiences: We must learn to rely on our inner resources to navigate the many choices and challenges of our lives. We can feel our intuitive instincts inviting us inward, as we become more attuned to our own increasing sensitivities. Though we may not officially recognize this truth, we know in our intuitive intelligence that we are multisensory now and not just five-sensory. We can sense our world as well as see and hear it. We can no longer hide from our inner truth. We know when we are betraying ourselves or when we are lying to someone. The veil between truth and deception has become as thin as rice paper. We are becoming psychically transparent to each other. We are discovering multi-species communication skills. We now require a quality of inner empowerment and self-esteem that is far more refined than the ego of previous generations. We are called to make choices that we know have soul-sized consequences.

You are already on the road to empowerment. We all are. Inner power is as illuminating as it is intimidating. One thing is for certain: Becoming empowered changes you in ways you did not see coming. Along the way, as you find expression for your Inner Self, you will become at times the most frightening, exciting, intimidating “you” that you have ever encountered, not to mention everyone else in your life. We often encounter our inner Saboteur along the way, that voice that tells us to slow down, even break down instead of break through to the next level of self-discovery. But no matter how challenging the road to empowerment may be, we are compelled to stay on it. Once we experience self-esteem, there is no going back.

And as is so often the case, we need help and guidance going forward, following that irresistible passion to become a whole, empowered human being. This workshop is all about exploring the archetypal journey of empowerment, from understanding why we are on this journey in the first place to examining the numerous expressions of power that we encounter in life and so many other topics. Among the important topics that will be presented in this workshop is the importance of understanding “spiritual self-esteem”; that is, what does it mean to truly hold yourself in high esteem and to honor – and protect – the creative authority of your own spirit?

Caroline Myss’ intention with this workshop is to help you recognize and embrace the many ways – hidden and obvious – your own life is serving your empowerment. She will guide you in expanding your awareness about the power of your choices, your thoughts, your emotions and your words. Finally, everyone has the power, as we will discuss, to positively influence our health and redirect some part of our life.

Caroline has taught for years that power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience. We are drawn to this irresistible passion to develop our sense of personal empowerment because we are so intrigued by who we are, what we are capable of creating, how much our individual life really matters. The truth is, we cannot get over the gift of being alive – it is a “powerful” big deal.

Hourly Schedule

6:30pm - 8:30pm
Friday Night Lecture
9:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday Program


Oct 19 2018 - Oct 20 2018


Friday Night Lecture; $25 in advance, $35 day of the event; Full Retreat (including Friday night) $250 Early Bird before August 17, $295 after August 17

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