The New Divine Feminine Book – Study

This book study is available for livestream through Zoom. Please call the office at 843 720-8528 to register and get details.

Embark on an in-depth study with award-winning author Meghan Don as she explores the Seven Faces of the Feminine based on the mystical Gnostic Tradition and her book, The New Divine Feminine.

Meghan will lead participants into the inner territory of the heart, soul, and body, opening the way to encounter both the Light and Dark Faces, where wisdom, confidence, and ultimate goodness of the feminine being will be drawn forth, along with those places in need of healing transformation. These Faces, or archetypal states, lead toward the true nature of being, giving freedom to live in the world in one’s rightful place as a sacred, aware, healthy being, in mind, soul, and body.

There will be spiritual dialogue, meditation, sacred chant, and group sharing.

Suggested Preparatory Reading: Introduction and Chapters 1 & 2 of The New Divine Feminine

“In this wise and deeply nuanced book, beloved spiritual guide Meghan Don masterfully walks us through the light and darkness of the Holy into the arms of the divine feminine and our true selves where we are emboldened to step up as a force of healing and hope in the world.” – MIRABAI STARR, author of God of Love

A Divine Feminine Blessing

By Meghan Don

May the Daughter of Light breathe hope, creative inspiration, and joyful energy into you. May she assist in all that you wish to bring into life this year.

May the Daughter of the Dark deliver you from the wilderness of loneliness of heart, lack of self-worth, lack of self-confidence, and any lack at all.

May the Mother of Light resurrect your tender and unbiased compassion, your loving gaze and gentle words. May Her light shine through you.

May the Mother of the Dark bring forth all that you do not see, all that lies in your bed dreaming in ignorance, arrogance, and fear. May She transform all into the brilliant radiance that you are.

May the Cosmic Crone of Light draw you into the vast galaxies of creation, reminding you that every cell in your body is alive with the Creative Force.

May the Crone of the Dark and Dissolution dissolve all your misbeliefs, all your opinions, all pillars of surety you have created for false security. May you fly free in the Dark Vast Wisdom of Unknowing.

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May 30 2020


$175.00 for full 7 sessions
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