Returning to Our Wisdom, Returning to the Earth

We are deeply supported by the Earth, not only physically but also spiritually. In this residential retreat we will open our bodies and the eyes of our spirit to experience and see Wisdom all around us. We will also learn from ancient Wisdom texts and practices to help feel and know this wisdom within our own being.

The vast wisdom of consciousness, of life, resides within every aspect of creation, with each living creature contributing their own specific energy and embodiment of this wisdom.

From this opening to both our inner soul and the outer creation we will enter into a deeper communion with the Earth, not just seeking a recharge from nature and the demands of our life, but true reciprocity of connection. With this connection the true magic of life begins to happen, as we come closer to knowing the union of the vast wisdom of heaven and the embodied wisdom of earth. It is through this union that the ability to bring forward a new creation in our life and in the world can happen.

Each participant will be invited to enter into the practical quest of this new creation when returning to their lives.

And so I prayed, and understanding was given me;
I entreated, and the spirit of Wisdom came to me…
…her radiance never sleeps
The Book of Wisdom 7:7,10

We will spend as much time as possible out on the Earth during this retreat, and will enter into morning and evening meditation and ancient feminine chant.

  • experience the deep quiet of Mepkin Abbey and enter into your own inner quiet and calm
  • learn of different Wisdom texts and how they can draw you into your own wisdom-being
  • lose yourself in order to find yourself as you walk the labyrinth
  • reach deeper into your natural heavenly and earthly wisdom
  • return to the true magic nature of this life
  • seek to know how your wisdom may be lived for the onward evolution of our world

Begin with an opening session at 4:30pm introducing ourselves to one another and our environment.
Dinner at 5pm
Evening Program and Night Meditation

Morning meditation followed by simple Qi Gong practices.
Breakfast at 8am
Morning session and taking this work into experiential connection with the Earth.
Lunch at 12:15pm
Early Afternoon will be free time to journal, nap, or simply sit in a place that calls to you.
Late Afternoon session and group sharing
Dinner at 5pm
Evening Meditation

Morning meditation followed by simple Qi Gong practices.
Breakfast at 8am
Ritual honoring the Earth and Creation
Gathering to share our experiences and closing
Lunch at 12:15pm
Departing in your own time

The event is finished.


May 30 2020


Full Retreat - $225 Retreat cost does not include lodging at Mepkin Abbey.