Mark Nepo the Sophia Institute


Co-Sponsored with the Avery Research Center of African American History and Culture

Do you find that you make New Year’s resolutions that don’t last? Prepare for all year change! There’s a process to making lasting change in your life and Monique is going to guide you to a brand new YOU, not just a New Year!

The process of forgiveness sounds painful, so we often avoid it altogether, and it keeps us living the same life year after year without the significant change we truly desire. Release is necessary in order to create space for the things you want in your life. No matter what area(s) of your life that need to chart a new course, Monique can show you how to get there. You have to be open and willing to do the work to get there. If you are willing to put your past behind you, freedom and success can be yours.

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May 27 2020


This is a tuition-free event. Registration is for attendance count only.