So many of you joined us for Wisdom, Grace, and Wonder, our series launch for 2021, with Miranda MacPherson, Caroline Myss, and Lama Palden. After our session with Miranda MacPherson, I promised you that we’d bring Miranda back this year to go deeper in your exploration of Grace. We invite you to join us on Wednesdays — July 7, 14, 21, 28 from 5:00-7:00pm ET for this new 4-part series.

Miranda MacPherson teaches that “Grace is the key to ending the search and finding true fulfillment. It is a direct experience of Divine presence coming alive from within, connecting you to real love, clarity, peace, strength and joy. Grace ends the struggle, transforms your suffering into wisdom, opens the gate to deeper dimensions of consciousness, and supports you to embody your highest potential in this world. Grace is more available than you might think.”  – Carolyn Rivers

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The Four Dimensions of Grace

“Grace” is such a simple and beautiful word that tends to lighten our mood and inspire us. But what, exactly IS Grace? More importantly, how do we gain access?

Grace is much more than a lofty state that fills your heart with gratitude.

It is direct experience of Divine Presence coming alive from within, re-connecting you to real love, clarity, peace, strength and joy. Grace is the key to gaining real traction on your spiritual path and finding true fulfillment. Most importantly, Grace is available to help you to become a more mature and graceful human being in these times of tremendous change and uncertainty across the globe.

In this four-part webinar, Miranda Macpherson; spiritual teacher and author of “The Way of Grace: the Transforming power of Ego Relaxation” will take you on a journey into the four dimensions of Grace. Together, we will discover how each dimension impacts your soul and supports you to relax your struggle, allow your suffering to be transformed into wisdom, access deeper dimensions of consciousness, and embody your highest potential in this world.

THE FORMAT: In each two-hour weekly session, Miranda will share rich teachings that illuminate the invitations and the obstacles to each dimension of Grace. She will also guide you into potent meditations, and a dyad inquiry practice that helps you gain experiential access, followed by questions and responses. Further, each session will be supported by specific deepening recommendations to help you apply the insights you receive into your daily life. Together, we will discover how to let ego fear and control melt in an atmosphere of unconditional love, meet our personal and collective invitations with curiosity and compassion, and let our noble qualities shine forth to benefit with our loved ones and community.

Week 1) Relaxing into the GROUND of Grace
The world’s great mystical traditions agree that Grace comes alive through surrender. This occurs not through trying to annihilate your ego, as is commonly presented. Rather, surrender occurs through a practice Miranda calls Ego Relaxation—learning to be open and undefended with all parts of your experience.
This is so much easier when you recognize the primordial Ground of Grace – the living presence that is animating all things. In this session, you will learn to recognize what you always abide within and learn to ground yourself more substantially in an unshakable presence that is never rocked and does not change. This provides you with a foundation to just BE right where you are, relax out of ego fear, control and judgment, and settle into the peace and stillness independent of external circumstances.

• Recognize What all of your experience is happening within.

• Relax the roots of fear, control and judgment.

• Allow true surrender through the practice of Ego Relaxation.

Week 2) Receiving the BLESSINGS of Grace
Just as you naturally receive the light of the sun each day, you can consciously receive a shower of loving light that nourishes and claims you as its own, opens your heart to the beauty of existence, and helps you find greater ease and synchronicity. Miranda will share how this dimension of Grace is exquisitely attuned to our personal situation, and flows in ways that help us open, heal and thrive. Together, we will cultivate the virtues that help us open and gain access: trust, humility, patience and joy.

Re-discover how to drink the blessings of simply existing: allowing your heart to be pierced open by a beautiful sunset, the scent of a rose, the sweetness of bird-song, and the joy of beholding a loved one’s smile. Receiving the blessings of Grace brings boundless love, joy, and peace back online as the depth of your own heart. This ends the spiritual poverty of lack that drives the agitation, depression, and rampant materialism of our times. Receiving the blessings of Grace helps you to be content and enjoy the precious gift of life.

• Receive the loving Presence that is always holding you.

• Befriend “not-knowing” as a gate into the receptive condition.

• Relish the gifts of your life and settle into contentment.

Week 3) Open to the TRANSFORMING POWER Grace
Grace does not stop at placating your troubles and helping to fill your inner cup. It wants to transform your suffering into wisdom and bring you all the way home into the radiance at your core. Just as a waterfall bridges one dimension of earth to another, flowing gracefully over tough terrain while dissolving or bringing new life to everything it touches, the transforming power of Grace goes to work on you, flushing to the light of awareness whatever might be limiting your full freedom.

This week, we will explore how the time-tested spiritual technologies of true forgiveness, compassion, and unwinding our ego identity can dissolve your repeating patterns. Together, we will open to spiritual transformation that helps you cross over to the promised land of freedom that is the birthright of every human being.

• Open your heart towards your own suffering hurt, anger, heart-break, insecurity.

• Open to the living water that washes your mind of blame and shame.

• Contact the luminous presence that you truly are and always were.

Week 4) EMBODYING Grace in Daily Life
Consider the possibility that your body, heart, mind, and all parts of your human vessel are much more than they seem. What if you were originally designed to be a Grace delivery device? A human fountain from which the living waters not only recirculate all the qualities of your essential nature but also overflow to spiritually hydrate our world?

The whole point of all spiritual endeavor is not ultimately just for some of us to have a happier time of things but for there to be more spiritually mature, grounded, wise, and loving human beings in every country, in every boardroom, and in every home.

Miranda will share what can support you to become more graceful and responsive rather than reactive, in and amidst daily life. She will shed light on how you can stabilize your inner realization through cultivating equanimity, learning to rest in awareness while opening your heart to all of your fluctuating emotions and challenges, just like the sky allows for all kinds of weather. How you can be moved into graceful action through prayer, sensing and listening to the deeper intelligence rather than leading from ego thinking to navigate everyday challenges.

You can discover what supports you to walk this world from your depth and thus be more capable of sharing your unique gifts with humility, in a world that needs us all to be more graceful – now.

• Discover what supports you to make Presence your priority.

• Understand your resistance and learn to re-set when you hit reactivity.

• Learning what it means to BE the presence of love at work, with family and where it most matters.


Jul 07 – 28 2021


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