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The Wisdom is the Way 

The Sophia Institute welcomes back award-winning author and spiritual mentor Meghan Don to our beloved city of Charleston, South Carolina. Visit us on January 31, 2020, for another illuminating seminar based on her new work 21 Aspects of Wisdom: Actions of Love for Our Times.

In 2017 we were profoundly moved by her teachings centered in Birthing into Peace: A Night of Stillness and Light. This was followed by two wonderful events in 2018, Embodying Your Peaceful Feminine Nature and Believe in Your Vision: An Inspiring Talk/Meditation & Farewell Gathering.

Here is what Meghan Don is planning for us for us in 2020:

Our Earth and world is in dire need of wise, steadfast beings. With our climate crisis, our political and racial divisions, and increasing hate crimes, we need to be actively engaged in some form of loving action that is informed by a greater wisdom. No matter your tradition or path, or those who have no path at all, the 21 Aspects of Wisdom are readily available to all.

Wisdom in Greek translates as Sophia, and is given the feminine gender, and yet paradoxically, “she” is beyond gender. This is part of her mystery. She is the Indwelling Wisdom deeply embedded within every being and every living thing in creation. Her only desire is to draw us back home into our own wisdom-self, in order that we may then live this for the good of all.

We will actively open to the 21 Aspects through meditation practices, personal and group reflection, and journaling. We will seek to know how Wisdom wishes to find its expression through us in our lives right where we are. In particular, we will allow one Aspect to land deeply in our bodies and hearts and open to how we are to embody that in the world, in our homes, our relationships, our work. We will look at how these Aspects have been embodied by those walking before us, such as Mary Magdalene and Teresa of Avila, and those who are embodying them now in our world through their Actions of Love, such as Greta Thunberg.

“Is not Wisdom calling?

Is not Understanding raising her voice?…

…I am calling to you, all people,

my words are addressed to all humanity.”

Where does Wisdom want to be heard in your life? On what street corner is she calling to us? Can we hear her in our own soul?

Let us bravely answer her call and find where our wisdom and life meet.

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