Mark Nepo the Sophia institute teaching faculty

The Signature of Being
Our True Inheritance

Sept 24-26, 2021

Beloved as a poet, teacher, and storyteller, Mark Nepo, the New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awakening, has been called “one of the finest spiritual guides of our time,” “a consummate storyteller,” and “an eloquent spiritual teacher.” His many books have been translated into more than twenty languages. In this weekend retreat, Mark will explore the fundamental qualities we all have in common and the many initiations we undergo to inhabit our gifts.

Just as the limbs of trees will grow every which way to get into the light, the soul will follow any path to bring its aliveness into the world. Sometimes, we have to climb into the open. Other times, we have to dig or dive. Most of the time, we have to shed what once protected us because it’s turned into a wall. Whatever effort is required, the journey is more about removing what is in the way than arriving anywhere. And so, the journey to our aliveness is always a return to the promise of our birth, before we experienced expectation or regret. Now, you might ask, “Why can’t we inhabit this bare state of being without all the trial and tribulation?” Because everything alive has to develop and transform. Like a pearl inside its shell or a fruit inside its rind, the heart, in time, will reveal its luster and its sweetness.

I hope the deep stories and affirmations that arise in this work will touch and release your own. I hope our time together will stir you to listen for your own direct whispers from the center of life, where we all begin and end. For when we are thorough to the bottom of our humanness, we inevitably touch into the well of all humanity, into the spiritual element from which we are made.

Bring a journal.

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Sep 24 – 26 2021


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