Meaning, Purpose and Hope
in Chaotic Times

At Sophia Institute we are pivoting because of the pandemic and learning to bring you programs that you know and love virtually in the comfort of your home. We are pleased to announce that this program will be a VIRTUAL EVENT.

Have you ever taken a personal program at home? If not, then doing so will be something worthwhile for you and a new, potentially lifelong, practice that will be beneficial ongoing.

A recording of this event will be provided to all those who have registered for this event. The recording is exclusively for registrants only.


As one world disintegrates and another emerges, each of us has a role to fill in navigating the transition. As we take on the role of midwife to the emergent new way of being, we are given the strength and insight and energy we need to do the job and to do it well. An unprecedented time like this one, if contextualized spiritually, can be a crucible for our greatest spiritual growth.

Join Marianne Williamson for an in-depth look at the true source of spiritual power and how we can use it to re-imagine a new way of living and being that is good for all people and for our Earth.


11:00 am – 5:00 pm


Apr 17 2021


$179 (until Feb 28)
$229 (after Feb 28)


Virtual Program
Join us via Zoom Conference