Knowing yourself on a deeper level:

Finding the next step in your growth as a human and your evolvement as a soul.

There is nothing more gratifying in life than getting to know yourself on a deeper level. It changes everything. Becoming more awake increases your happiness, health, intuition, self love and general well being. You are able to assert more control over your life, have a higher perspective of what life is all about, diminish fear, as well as having the ability to go after what you want, thereby having the courage to pursue your dreams.  When you have an increased knowledge of who you are, emotionally and spiritually, you also know who others are, for in reality, there is no separation. This is how you impact the world. And last but not least, knowing yourself on a deeper level leads you onward and upward toward the realization of yourself as a soul, a beautiful being of Light, who has come forth into this human experience to remember who you are while living a life as a human being.

One of the lessons I have learned in this life is that no matter where you are, there is always a next level to get to.  Many times, we want to get there but we don’t know how. My job, as the presenter, is to give the prompts and exercises that will lead to these new insights and ideas about yourself.

Knowing yourself on a deeper level will always lead to more choices. And when we have more choices in life, we are headed toward our freedom from self created suffering and purposely moving toward our joy. And this is what life is truly supposed to be about: Living our life as a powerful creator.

If you can come to this workshop with an open heart and be ready to laugh, and play, you will not want to miss this adventure of having the opportunity to grow as a human and evolve as a soul.

Connie Numbers, The Sophia Institute Teaching Faculty
Connie Numbers
Teaching Faculty / National Advisory Board
Connie Numbers, The Sophia Institute Teaching Faculty
Connie Numbers

Teaching Faculty / National Advisory Board

Connie Numbers, PsyD, is an author, inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher and a psychotherapist who believes that the inner journey is by far, the most exciting and rewarding quest we can take in our lives. It is an adventure like no other, filled with mystery, intrigue, and suspense, along with a myriad of opportunities to discover love, happiness, and the richness of life. Dr. Numbers has devoted her life to this ‘diving to the depths’ adventure and believes that anyone can grow as a human and evolve as a soul through the practice of Self Love. Believing in one’s self-worth is the first step to accepting our Divine magnificence as a soul who is here to learn, grow, and become the next outstanding version of ourselves.

Dr. Numbers has a passion for helping others remember this version of who they are by discovering that they can lead a deeply fulfilling spiritual life while still experiencing and loving themselves as an imperfect human being. She brings a wealth of wisdom, experience, and humor into her retreats and workshop settings, illustrating the concept that inner work does not have to be a burden. Instead, it is a joy and a privilege that brings healing, love, and light to the adventure of being human and divine at the same time.

Connie has a Bachelor and Masters in Music, as well as a Masters in Social Work and a Doctoral degree in Psychology. She has been in private practice as a psychotherapist for 30 years helping others to find their way and lead a more fulfilling life. She is the author of The Dear One Letters: A Path to Growing as a Human and Evolving as a Soul, and is currently working on Volume II of the same title. She continues to offer workshops, retreats, spiritual guidance and psychotherapy and more information is available on her website:

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Jun 22 2018 - Jun 23 2018


$25 in advance/$35day of the event; Full Retreat (including Friday night) $250

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Connie Numbers

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