Embodying Your Peaceful Feminine Nature

Now more than ever, our world needs grounded beings to bring peace. Are you willing to realize the peace that you inherently embody? Are you willing to let go of all that is not peaceful within you?

During this retreat, we will explore the nature of true peace, and understand how it is the very essence of who we are. Most of our experience lead us to believe that peace is something temporary, coming and going according to our life circumstances. We may conceptually know that we are naturally peaceful beings, but now it is time to move beyond conceptions, into the gift of embodiment.

To know true embodiment, we must settle and recognize the reality of peace in each cell of our body… how it makes up our bones, and flows in our blood. We will use body-centered meditations to open the door to feeling and knowing this peace, so we can soak in its pure being-ness. Ah!

A Time to Be

Using mystical teachings that reveal the varied meanings of Shalom and their wise application to life, we will learn how to come into a deeper inner relationship with our being. We will ask the questions:

  • What disturbs my inner peace?
  • What discontent lies under the surface of my skin?

In order to better maintain the energy of sacred calm in the midst of all of life, we will learn:

  • a “De-charging” practice for emotional situations
  • a “De-hooking” practice for ongoing problematical energetic connections with others

We are asked to bring peace into our future, and it is essential we let our focus rest on stepping back into the light of our peaceful inner nature.

Remember Who You Are

Many of us have been called to greater action in our world, and have lost quite a lot of our personal time of stillness. When such a sacrifice is made, we may suffer, as our health, decisions, and inner peace begin to falter through imbalance. It is time to return.

It is time to Return Within

We welcome all to join in this retreat of soulful restoration, using our bodies as the anchor to ground in our sacred knowing.

Hourly Schedule

6:30pm - 8:30pm
Friday Night Lecture
9:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday Program
11:00am - 12:30pm


Jan 26 2018 - Jan 28 2018


Friday Night Lecture: $25 in advance / $35 day of the event
Full Retreat Including Friday Night Lecture: $195

Visitor Planning

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Meghan Don

Presenting Faculty:

Meghan Don