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Caroline Myss – Breathe Together: How Healing Yourself Heals Our World

At Sophia Institute we are pivoting because of the pandemic and learning to bring you programs that you know and love virtually in the comfort of your home.  We are pleased to announce that this program will be a VIRTUAL RETREAT.

Have you ever taken a personal retreat at home? If not, then doing so will be something worthwhile for you and a new, potentially lifelong, practice that will be beneficial ongoing.

Workshop: Breathe Together: How Healing Yourself Heals the Planet

What a moment to be alive together. What an extraordinary experience we are sharing right now. No one anticipated a pandemic or economic reboot. None of us knows what will happen next. And all of us are in this global field of the unknown together.

I believe it is time for us to consider a spiritually organic view of health and healing that recognizes the truth that not only does “all life breathe together”, we also “co-create together”.  And those acts of co-creation include the health and well-being of our collective psychic – and physical – health as well as the health of the ecological system.

For years we have been inspired by the thought that, “We co-create our own reality.”  We apply that truth to our personal health all the time now, examining what negative thought forms might be influencing our illnesses. And then we turn to positive thoughts as a way of promoting our health. But I realized quite some time ago that our thoughts and emotions are participating in micro and macro acts of co-creation constantly, not just in terms of our health. We are living engines of co-creation. Our thoughts and our choices and our actions are continually blending into the greater pool of everyone’s energy, creating the events that happen in the world around us.

We are indeed the engines behind all that is created. It may well be that our “inner climate” is energetically connected to the collective health of this planet, from our personal health to the health of the global environment.

We are comprised of the same elements as the Earth. We are air, water, earth, and fire.  Perhaps we need to consider the unimaginable: That there are no boundaries between our personal energy systems and all of nature. We are one great, interconnected field of life, comprised of air, earth, water, fire, and metal. Consciousness is a factor of energy, not form.

If there was ever a moment – an opportunity – for all of us to consciously connect on the inner-net of our souls through prayer and study, it is now.   As the great spiritual masters taught: What is in One is in the Whole; As Above, So Below; What we do to one person, we do to everyone. Buddha also taught that what we see is an illusion and that life changes in the blink of an eye.  The truth requires emptying the soul of all that you thought was real. We have to “become empty” in order to see clearly for the first time. Buddha said all is “nothing”, meaning that what we think is permanent is nothing but an illusion. Everything is here but for a second and then gone. Even the trees you are looking at today are different tomorrow. Nothing is ever “the same”. We may think that we exist separate from everyone else – but that is the illusion, perhaps the greatest one of all. Carl G. Jung described the collective unconscious as this domain of archetypal patterns that influence the collective psyche of humankind. All of us share these patterns because we are all a part of the collective human experience.

These mystical teachings that Jesus and Buddha and other masters spoke of to their students need to be examined once again but within the context of how we understand the power of human consciousness today and the realization we have awakened to that is: We do, in fact, co-create our reality.  But that reality extends far beyond our personal health. It’s time we take the radical leap in thinking – and in imagining – and realize that if we co-create our personal health, we must also be participating in the creation of the health of the whole planetary ecological system.  I believe it is time for us to envision and truly live a new view of health and healing that recognizes the truth that not only does “all life breathe together”, we also “co-create together”.  And those acts of co-creation include the health and well-being of our collective psychic – and physical – health as well as the health of the ecological system.

It is time we think in terms of a bio-spiritual-ecology in which we truly understand that:

  • All is One – but how do we live that?
  • All Life Breathes Together – how do we actually experience that truth?
  • What I do to one person, I do to everyone
  • Every choice I make to heal myself helps to heal the whole
  • Collective illnesses and epidemics are exactly that: collective illnesses
  • How your personal health is connected to the health of the whole living community of life
  • Psychic illnesses are real
  • Energetic disorders are real – and felt by individuals. Is your depression really “your” depression or are you picking up the depression in the collective?
  • How do your personal actions influence the whole?
  • What is our relationship to climate change?
  • What are the ways we can heal our self and the whole?
  • How we need to understand health according to the mystical laws that govern creation

Bio-spiritual-ecology is a new way of approaching health; in fact, of understand the way we co-create our shared reality. Co-creation is all about how we direct energy and energy does not have boundaries, like physical matter does. All of our energy systems in some way merge and blend with all the energies of life. We are all active creative agents in the quality of all life on this planet – yours, mine, and all of Nature.

We are the engines of our personal and collective health including climate change. It is not happening around us; it is happening through us, in us and because of us.

It’s time we start perceiving our capacity to co-create through micro-and macro lenses and collectively direct that power to truly heal ourselves and our global community, for the truth is: What is in One is indeed in the Whole.  We can heal this planet – one person at a time. And it starts with us.

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