Born for These Times

Feeling confused, hopeful, sad, or angry? Anxious, curious, wondering how to help? Most of us are in need of renewing and strengthening our resiliency to bring our best self back online, psychologically and morally, in the wake of the monumental shifts going on all around us.

The old system is breaking down and a new system has yet to emerge—a loving, kind, and compassionate society. Whether the energy freed up from breakdown reconstitutes at a higher level to bring about a breakthrough or causes a retrograde movement is up to all of us, regardless of our perspectives, politics, race, or religion.

We were indeed born to help during the extraordinary rite of passage that characterizes these turbulent times. All rites of passage are comprised of 3 parts:

1. Separation: the ground beneath our feet gives away and uncertainty prevails.

2. Liminality – the time between no longer and not yet. The old system is defunct but a new one has not yet emerged. This passage is rife with both danger and opportunity.

3. Return – when the crisis passes, there is a return to a new level of equilibrium. If the transformational process goes well, we will have returned from what mythologist Joseph Campbell called a Hero’s Journey with precious gifts for family, community, nation, and the planet.

We are indeed night sea travelers, making our way through liminal time together, our intention set on birthing a new world that works for us all.

This Friday evening and Saturday gathering is in honor of the late Carey Roberts, a beloved and stalwart friend of the Sophia Institute. Another long-time brilliant and pioneering friend of the Institute- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. – will lead us in a retreat for retraining our brain, mind, and heart for resilience.

Joan is a bit of a polymath. She is a Harvard trained cell biologist, psychologist, and pioneer in stress management, mindfulness, and bringing forth the Wise Self inherent in each of us. Joan is the author of 16 books, including It’s not the End of the World: Developing Resilience in Times of Change.

In this delightful, practical Friday evening and Saturday together, Joan will teach us the skills needed to survive and thrive in liminal time. You will hear about and practice:

  • 5 seminal traits of resilient people, corporations, and institutions
  • the latest findings in neuroscience about how to balance the brain and bring forth your best self
  • state of the art skills to balance mind and heart
  • plus, you will spend the day in the presence of like-minded others who were also born for these times.

Together we can and will make a difference! Please join us for a historic program, essential for realizing the intention that ”the best is yet to be.”

The event is finished.


May 27 2020


Lecture- $25 in advance/ $35 day of the event / Full Retreat (including Friday night)- $295

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