If the name Monique Spence sounds familiar…it should, she’s done a little bit of everything, from making Thanksgiving Dinner on the Steve Harvey Show, and hosting a show on the oldest black talk radio station in the country, to speaking and motivating the masses daily as a Life Coach.

Monique was a music business executive before she was 20 years old with a Regional Management position with Sony Music. Finding her love for the small business, she evolved into an entrepreneur with multiple successful national brands including Brand You; a Marketing Company dedicated to building grass roots buzz, and Redefine The Tee; a line of tee shirts including the international success of the sequin glove Michael Jackson Tribute Tee. However, as much as Monique is known for her love of building business, she is equally as well known for her passion for talking! Thus, it was no surprise to her friends when time and her experience in the entertainment industry morphed her into a Media Personality.

Known to many as “Sunshine”, Monique combined her media voice and the message in her heart and has transformed into a Life Coach. “I never thought my passion and purpose would line up and it be work, but I feel so grateful to have figured out what I am supposed to do with my life. What have my experiences been for if not to teach the lessons to other people? Happiness is a choice and I love showing people how to choose it!”

Monique believes, if she could successfully reinvent herself 5 times before age 35 then she can show you how to do it once; no matter how old you are, no matter what you do for a living, no matter your sexual preference, and no matter what your nationality or marital status is!

Monique continues to create new ways to develop the community around her. She says, “This isn’t work to me. This is my life! My life was created to help other people have a better quality of life for themselves.”