Joanna Crowell is the founder of Ascension Theatre and the Women Writing from Experience workshop series, where she facilitated creative writing workshops for women and teens and created a platform for them to perform/share their stories. She was a professional actress for over 20 years, having been the member of numerous theatre companies, including Living the Dream Theatre in Columbus, Ohio, The African American Performance Troupe, The New American Stage Company, and The Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina. She has performed her own poetry across Canada and the US. At age 34, with a 9-month old baby at home, she returned to University and to her native country, Canada, in quest of incorporating more effectively women’s issues and social justice and peace issues into her performance art. She earned a BA in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, as well as Social Justice and Peace Studies from the University of Western Ontario. She is the author of a book of poems called I Ate a Rainbow for Breakfast and the play AWOL: A Soldier’s Journey produced by PURE Theatre in 2011. Currently, Joanna is a hardcore-single-tennis-mom, and manager of wonderful internal medicine & wellness center in Charleston, called Remedy. Joanna’s remedy is the law of attraction and deep connections through art. She is all about affirming well-being in herself and in others. She does this through her art, her food consultations, her poetry, her photography and her performances.