Elayna Shakur has been an artist all her life – it’s a way of life. Her choice to become an art teacher is her way of sharing the joy and wonder of the art spirit she loves so much. From painting workshops in her home, to pastel portrait drawings done in public venues, to private portrait sessions in her studio, Elayna sees you and your inner being and is able to capture it on paper or canvas. She created her own process she calls Portrait Therapy, which offers the client a powerful experience of connecting to and healing the layered aspects of the self as they are revealed on the canvas.

Most recently she developed a body of work that are portraits of the 12 apostles from the bible, using models who were mostly homeless. They are showcased in the sanctuary of St. Johns Chapel in the heart of the downtown Charleston’s inner city, the East side. Her current passion is painting “Outer Space” and weaving it into portrait art. As a portrait artist, her work is seen mostly in the homes and felt in the hearts of people all over the country and beyond. Originally from Columbus, Ohio she has lived many places including Canada and the Bahamas making Charleston, SC her home since 1990.

The Connection Show – Conversations in Race
Elayna Shakur, Henry Darby, and Armand Derner tell their stories of race relations and veteran civil rights laywers talk about dealing with racial turmoil. (Part 2)