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Cultivating a Wisdom Economy


Jina Penn-Tracy and Stuart Valentine


Thursday, November 16, 2023

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EASTERN

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“Money & Markets are wonderful inventions but the path to common prosperity cannot be achieved solely through an impartial transactional marketplace. We must go beyond the market and the impersonal pricing system if we ever are going to find our way to fulfilling the core human need for trusting relationships.” ~Hazel Henderson, honored as a “Top 100 Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business Behavior” by Trust Across America in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Jina Penn-Tracy and Stuart Valentine have been deeply engaged in the creation of a caring economy for over 20 years. Their practice invites us to look to our inner guidance when making each financial decision of our lives, which ultimately would weave us together in a more beautiful world. Explore how viewing money as a tool of co-creation can transform our relationship to both our individual financial lives and the larger economy. Engaging with the True Wealth Tree, you will be guided into finding your deepest roots, finding your strength and balance and ultimately to creating abundant fruitfulness that goes far beyond material goods. As water flows through our world, money flows between humans. And just like water, money is meant to nurture, to assist in our growth, and to provide renewal. If we realign our relationship to money into one that is in flow with the universe, global transformation would be the natural outcome. Join us in exercises and contemplation to infuse each financial choice with loving intent and wholeheartedness and feel into how that would create transformation in your life and ultimately the world around you. Through this virtual (on-line) gathering, you will learn:

● How to feel the co-creative energy of money.
● How to engage with financial choices from a deeper place of awareness.
● Release old money stories and patterns that hold you in the past.
● Find true wealth in the current moment which allows freedom in each moment to come.
Join us for a compassionate look at your money patterns and an invitation into a new place of transformational awareness around finances. Patterns in the flow of money are changing globally and we have the potential to manifest as Charles Eisenstein says, “the more beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible.”

Speakers Bios

Jina Penn-Tracy
Jina Penn-Tracy is passionate about leaving this world a better place. Jina believes that comprehensive planning allows individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to make more ethically aligned and influential decisions regarding the spending and investing of their money. A cancer diagnosis at age 19 led Jina to years of consumer activism around issues of chemical contamination in our environment and especially the food system. After co-founding a rapidly growing import company in the 1990s, Jina shifted careers in 2004 to become the type of financial advisor she wished she could find; an advisor focused on utilizing the power and influence of money to make positive changes in the world. In 2019, early life trauma led her to found the nonprofit, Children’s Theatre Alumni Survivors Fund (CTA Wellness. Since 2014, Jina has volunteered with the Carbon Divestment Coalition in Minnesota, committed to seeing the MN state Pension funds divested from the top 200 carbon-holding companies.

Jina has been quoted in Financial Advisory Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Investment News as well as local Minneapolis media. In 2020, Jina hosted an event at Climate Week for the UN. Jina and her husband just completed the construction of their Net Zero home walking distance from the Minneapolis Centered Wealth Office. Jina enjoys world-wide travel, gardening and her energetic dogs, Matteo and Guinness.

Stuart Valentine

Stuart Valentine is a multifaceted leader with a passion for sustainability, community engagement, and positive social impact. He is guided by the mission to facilitate human creativity and financial capital to optimize the conditions for growing healthy, sustainable communities – starting with his own in Fairfield, Iowa. He currently serves in multiple key roles across several organizations that advocate for environmentally friendly practices, local economic development, and sustainable living. Stuart serves as a board member of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT), where he provides strategic direction and guidance to the organization's mission of preserving productive Iowa farmland in perpetual trust for the commonwealth of all Iowans via the growing of organic table for local markets. He is also the Board Chair of the Sustainable Living Coalition (SLC), which promotes environmental awareness and facilitates various projects related to enhancing local food systems with an eye towards regional economic cooperation. In addition to his work with SILT and SLC, Stuart has been in the financial advisor role for 36 years and the co-founder of Centered Wealth, a company that specializes in financial planning and investment management services with a focus on Impact investment strategies. He brings his extensive experience in business development and community engagement to his investment advisory role in the company, helping clients align their financial goals and values with investment opportunities in the growing green economy.

Throughout his career, Stuart has been a vocal advocate for Sustainability Education and Enterprise Design (SEED). He has an adjunct faculty role at Maharishi International University in the business department teaching SEED principles. He also co-authored the book, Imagining Philanthropy for Life: A Whole System Strategy for Transforming Finance and Growing True Wealth promoting the practice of Impact Philanthropy. Valentine’s extensive knowledge and expertise in sustainability, coupled with his comprehension of the global sustainability investment megatrend make him a valuable asset to the organizations he serves.

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6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Nov 16 2023


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