Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss – Why Love is So Mysterious – and Powerful

Why Love is So Mysterious – and Powerful

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss

Love has always been a mystery to us. We seek love in life and yet we fear intimacy and becoming too bonded to another because of love. We require love to sustain our well-being and yet we hesitate to love as fully and completely as we can. Knowing that love is the power that can lift another human being from the depths of despair, we are often capable of denying that love to someone because of our own pain. How often have we punished those we love through silence or even acts of betrayal as a way of sending the message that we are hurt and angry? Love turned into a weapon is the ultimate destructive force.

We underestimate this force that we call love by wrapping it in romance or family ties and bonds of friendship. Those bonds of love are expressions of the relationships through which we experience this force running through us, changing us, driving us to great acts of devotion or despair, compassion or jealousy. We all know what love can do to us and we require relationships in order to experience this force. Yet, we love other things in life as well. Every emotional connection we have to anything and everything in our life is a vibration on the love spectrum, from mystical ecstasy to violent rage, the destructive, dark side of this force.

Love is far more complex than we realize, however, and certainly more expansive than can be viewed through personal relationships. For me, love is the greatest power and force worth exploring. And so, in this workshop we will discuss the journey of life through the perspective that ultimately, there is only one spiritual path that shapes the experience of life: Evolving from the love of power to embracing the power of love and all that we can potentially transform through love.

Love is far more than an emotion. Love is the name we have given to the emotional/spiritual network within us that is connected most intimately to the Divine. We dare not call love the “God force” within us, as that drips of religion and lacks any sensuality. But the truth is love is the conduit for all the “powers” we associate with the Divine – from healing to miracles to personal love in life. Love is the “power” we credit with “resurrecting” people from the depths of despair and depression, so many often saying the finding love again has given them a reason to want to live again. Love is the Divine life force itself.

During this workshop, I will present the challenges of love that all of us face, including:

• The fear of loving others too much;
• The fear of how love liberates others;
• The fear of giving up being judgmental;
• Why we think people should “earn” love;
• Why we struggle with forgiveness;
• Why love in its highest form is a healing agent.

If ever we needed to challenge ourselves to move beyond the love of power in our lives and break through into the power of love, it is now. I hope you will join me.

A recording of this event will be provided to all those who have registered for this event. The recording is exclusively for registrants only.

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