The Sophia Institute is proud to present this very special two-part virtual event with Debra Poneman and Ronnie Newman

Friday, November 3,  6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET
Saturday, November 4, 10:30 am. To 4:30 pm. ET 
A virtual event live via Zoom — all registered participants will receive video links to the recordings
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Although chronological aging is inevitable, physical aging does not have to occur in the way we’ve been taught to believe. Discover what scientifically verified research is revealing and learn the simple steps you can take—at any age—to ensure lifelong health, endless vitality, and mental clarity!

Join award-winning, Harvard-trained mind/body researcher Ronnie Newman and success, lifestyle and natural health expert Debra Poneman for this two-day virtual retreat as they share with us some of the ways you can slow, stop and even reverse the aging of the brain and the body, including how to:

Stop mental decline and have a clear brain and sharp memory for life
Apply exercise protocols that positively impact the effects of aging (and even lengthen our telomeres)
Know which foods cause the worse inflammation in the brain and body leading to chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and weight gain, and which foods can prevent and reverse inflammation
Understand what science says is now wrinkling our skin more than sun exposure
Rejuvenate your sleep patterns to slow the aging process
Understand why hydration is even more important than you thought
Reduce stress, release anxiety, and clear your brain and open your heart with the power of your breath, meditation, and other practices
Get on the fast track to happiness.

— Learn simple lifestyle changes that could determine whether you go down the “inevitable” path of degeneration of mind and body, including memory loss, physical weakness, thinning hair, compromised eyesight, and loss of overall vitality.

— Learn practices such as meditation and breathwork to open your heart and strengthen your mind.

— Learn how to begin living with a clear mind, excellent memory, effortless efficiency, restful sleep, boundless energy, good digestion, glowing skin, and a happy heart—with no pharmaceutical intervention and its inevitable side effects.

It is not inevitable that your memory diminishes, your ability to have deep rejuvenating sleep decline or your skin wrinkle. There are simple changes you can make at any age to ensure lifelong health, vitality and radiance—and Ronnie and Debra will be sharing them with you.

Being Ageless: Cultivating Lifelong Vitality, Clarity, and Radiant Health will give you simple steps you can take to have abundant health and happiness now and in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Module 1—Welcome
Slowing and Reversing Brain Decline
In this session you’ll learn:
How brain decline can be slowed, stopped, and even reversed… YES reversed
The hidden destroyers of your brain and how to optimize brainpower even in the midst of stress
Learn a powerful meditation for brain health and longevity

Discover what you can do starting today to ensure:
— Sharper Recall
— Improved focus
— Better long- and short-term memory
— Enhanced problem-solving skills
— Greater creativity
… and decrease 6 of the 7 major risk factors for dementia

We will also share the scientifically validated secrets to growing a bigger brain at any age. Did you know that size matters? And brain deterioration begins around age 27… and by age 40, your brain shrinks at 5% per decade?!? 

Module 2
Your Sleep, Your Happiness, Your Longevity
In this session you’ll learn:
— The secrets to deep, rejuvenating sleep
— How to counteract the sobering neuroscience discovery that the restorative function of sleep decreases with age and instead get deep, restful, rejuvenating, delicious sleep every night!
— How quality and length of sleep is linked to vitality and athletic performance—even in top professional athletes-and what to do to sleep uninterrupted through the night!
— How to calm the stress response when feeling anxious about anything past, present or future and elevate your mood and happiness
— New natural breakthroughs in alleviating depression

We will also share what the ancient science of Vastu (predates Feng Shui) says about how to get the deepest sleep and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and happy. 

Module 3
Diet, Brain, and Heart Health
In this session you’ll learn:
— How brain health is as dependent on our food choices as is heart health
— Which everyday foods enhance your clarity, vitality, and immunity and slow down the aging process
— Which foods and additives damage our brains, impairing memory and leading to the “why did I come in this room?” syndrome
— What foods to avoid if you want to have a strong, youthful body and more glowing, radiant skin at every age
— Ancient Ayurvedic techniques to balance the body and live in harmony with the seasons

We will also cover questions like…Are coffee and chocolate helpful or harmful? What are your thoughts about gluten? 

Module 4
Exercise and the Breath for Lifelong Vitality
In this session you’ll learn:
— Which exercise systems are most helpful and which actually cause aging
— How to unlock endless vitality – you only need the combination…
— Scientifically validated simple yoga techniques to reverse the aging of the brain and body
— Scientifically validated, ancient breath techniques that are the quickest way to eliminate stress and rebalance the nervous system
— An amazingly simple technique to boost your energy levels – and you can do it anywhere, any time!

What the cutting-edge field of epigenetics has uncovered about our power to change the expression of our genetic code. (Just because your mother and your grandmother had it, doesn’t mean you have to!)

Module 5
The Little-Known Silent Destroyers
In this session you’ll learn:
— The insidious nature of EMF’s and 5G to wreak havoc on your brain and your body and what are the remedies
— How to protect the healthy development of your children and grandchildren (including their sensitive brains) in our modern electronic world
— How toxic household cleaners and personal care products in your home affect the brain, body and longevity and safe alternatives
— How detox and longevity techniques used in ancient India can preserve our youthful skin, hair and overall health

We’ll also demo ancient techniques such as “abhyanga” oil massage and protocols like lymphatic dry brushing to eliminate toxins from our bodies.

Speaker Bios

Debra Poneman Debra Poneman is a true pioneer in the world of transformation.

For more than 40 years, through her Yes to Success seminars, she has shared the tools and techniques to live a life of ultimate success with hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

In the 1980’s, decades before the internet made worldwide communication instantaneous, Debra’s seminars were being taught around the world in countries including Norway, England, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, and South Africa, as well as dozens of U.S. cities.

Using the knowledge gained in her seminars, her graduates went on to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, NY Times bestselling authors, profound world-changers, millionaires, billionaires—and some of the most recognized names in the world of transformational leadership.

Many call Debra the mentor to the mentors. 

Debra has also been an in-house trainer beginning in the 1980’s, with companies like Mattel Toys, McDonnell Douglas, and the Xerox Management Group—at a time when it was practically unheard of for women to be corporate trainers.

Debra has appeared in print throughout the country and on TV networks including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN and on shows from coast to coast including Good Morning New England, Chicago Today and Mid-Morning LA.

In 1988, at the height of her success, with her Yes to Success book in the hands of a top agent and in the midst of negotiations for her own national TV talk show, Debra, true to her own teaching of following your heart, walked away from her career and disappeared from the public eye for over 20 years when she decided to live her true passion and became a fulltime mom at home.

With her daughter now a successful doctor of chiropractic and her son an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, philanthropist, and sports agency owner, Debra is once again traveling the world sharing the universal secrets of how to live a life of true and lasting success as well as how to turn back the hands of time through her acclaimed Ageless seminars.

Ronnie Newman, Ph.D. Bio

Professor Ronnie Newman, is an award-winning Harvard trained researcher, educator and published author in the field of Mind-Body Medicine and Peak Performance. Her team’s pioneering research in the early 80’s on the effects of meditation on health, wellbeing and longevity shattered the existing understanding of inevitable mental decline with aging—and demonstrated that meditation could impact our vitality and length of life. She has spoken on this topic on 5 continents and appeared on NBC, PBS and CNN International among others.

Equally important, she is a senior meditation teacher with almost 50 years experience.  She is also the founding Director in the US of Research and Health Promotion for the Art of Living Foundation and on the faculty at Nova Southeastern University’s Lifelong Learning Institute in Florida, as well as an honorary faculty member at Sri Sri University in India.

Ronnie has presented internationally to organizations including the United Nations, the World Bank, the FDA and the National Institutes of Health and has appeared in US News and World Report, Newsweek, Prevention Magazine and has been published in numerous scholarly peer reviewed medical journals.  Her dynamic keynotes and workshops have benefitted Fortune 500 companies including Facebook, Oracle, Visa, Intel, as well as professional organizations such as the American Business Women’s Association and the American Psychological Association.

As well as being an expert on being ageless, Ronnie is also an expert in maximizing peak performance, boosting productivity, increasing emotional intelligence and thriving at any age.

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November 3
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November 4


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