Abiding in Natural Great Peace

Miranda Macpherson and Sally Kempton



6:00-8:00 PM EST

Our schedule:
Miranda Macpherson teaches on October 25
Sally Kempton teaches on November 1
Miranda and Sally collaborate on Nov 8, co-leading this session

A recording of this three-part series will be provided to all registrants.
5 CEUs Available Upon Request to: info@thesophiainstitute.org

Underneath every goal we have in life is the desire to be happy and content. Yet in these troubled times, peace can seem hard to come by. Natural great peace is our foundation, part of our deepest nature and therefore always available to us all. The question is – how do you gain access? What do you need to address within yourself so that you grow roots in this depth, and live with clarity, wisdom and equanimity in such fractured times?

This program, with two accomplished teachers, invites you to journey into your inner world, and open to a deeper connection to the peace and stillness that is your birthright. With courage, compassion and curiosity, we will illuminate some of the root causes of inner conflict, however that presently manifests on your path, and open to the grace of self-forgiveness that gives us all a fresh start.

Through articulate teaching, graceful transmission and precise practices, Miranda and Sally will guide you beyond the constraints and concerns of your ego identity with its inevitable agitation. You can emerge with greater access to the peace that passeth all understanding, not just for your own benefit but so that your way of being radiates peace to your loved ones and community.

– Explore your access to the state of natural great peace.
– Illuminate what disrupts your peacefulness, and why.
– Learn how to face what scares you with courage, compassion and curiosity.
– Take a deeper seat in your meditation practice, accessing “thunderous silence”.
– Learn to navigate differences without divisiveness. Shift from seeking peace to    ACCEPTING the peace that always IS.
– Radiate the gift of peace deeper into our fractured world.


Eastern Standard Time
All Day


Oct 25 2022 – Nov 02 2022


$179 (until Feb 28)
$229 (after Feb 28)


Virtual Program
Join us via Zoom Conference

Hourly Schedule

Day 1

6:00 PM8:00 PM
Part 1 Miranda Macpherson
October 25th
6:00 PM8:00 PM
Part 2 Sally Kempton
November 1st
6:00 PM8:00 PM
Part 3 Miranda & Sally
November 8th