November 7 & 8, 2014

Charleston, South Carolina

Awakening Heart- Caring and Protecting Earth’s Community of Life

It is the expression of love – for the Earth and the human community – that is enabling the Awakening Heart narrative to unfold.  This manifests as compassion for all life, cooperation as we address global problems, an understanding of our underlying human unity and a commitment to fostering community – a new holistic approach that moves beyond the paradigm based on competition, separateness and polarization that has dominated global society.

Calling together diverse contemplative communities from throughout South Carolina, our three days together will focus on how to unify and mobilize local communities to respond to the urgent need to protect and care for earth’s eco-systems and to create a more equitable and caring human society.  The discussions will explore how an awakened heart culture can foster greater value for the environment, inter-religious exchange, and generate other forms of prosperity, not just monetary.

The Contemplative Alliance is mobilizing civil society across the nation around the creation of a new story for the human community.  This narrative is informed by the interweaving of the many worship traditions practiced here that have been integral in raising our collective consciousness as a nation.  The result is an ever growing awareness that the nature of our existence is interconnection—a unity underlying our diversity.




3 Broad Street, Ste 400 (Offices only)
Charleston, SC 29401